Cloud Based Systems

Revolutionizing Insurance industry technology, desktop based systems do not meet the current market requirements.

Online, Rule Based or Proprietary rate engines

We are committed to providing you with top of the line online based rating engines that exceed both your expectations and requirements.

Having an online based system has opened the door to 1000’s of brokers with the opportunity to compete and win over the competition through today’s technology.

Agents and Brokers Interfaces, Premium and Commission Reporting!

As a carrier or an MGA you'll be able to provide your brokers with a cutting edge system that provides instant product quoting, submissions, and issuance.

Underwriters and Carriers will have full access to your broker’s submissions, approved or denied request details and create earned and unearned premium reports and much more.

Policy access trail and information management

With our policy management system, you'll be able to view all policy information, endorsements, processed payments and much more all within one simple interface.

Accord based forms can be easily integrated making policy issuance almost instantly, saving you the cost of extensive manual underwriting processes.

Monthly Billing never been easier

Insuraxe Solutions provides only cloud based solutions, that can be integrated with legacy systems.

With our integration services, we are able to sync and integrate with desktop software to transfer and instantly update legacy data systems.

More about our Insurance Solutions

The following is always included with any of our systems!

credit-card Act locally, work globally

With our solution Timezone management you can be anywhere and send in local times, we manage the time zone difference for you.

dev No coding needed

Design and upload images to our email builder to send beautiful emails to your contacts.

globe Working with different countries

With Insuraxe Solutions, Inc we are able to give you access to local and toll free numbers, used to billing, notifications and marketing

support Have a question

Our team of technical support are always ready to answer our email inquiries and provide you with the service that satisfy you.

mail Authenticated Email Records

Upon sign up we will work with you to configure your domain's DKIM and SPF or Sender ID records to send authenticated emails on your behalf from our servers.

locked Security and Availability

Our system is secure with Extended validation SSL, providing you with the most secure type of SSL out there in the market and as secure as your online banking.