Insuraxe Zone

Insuraxe Zobne is an online cloud based CMS and Management system for Insurance Agents and Agencies.
With Insuraxe Zone, you can Track your leads and sales, with Unlimited users, documents and Marketing integration you can send emails and SMS messages from one single platform.


Leads Management

Insuraxe Zone will help you manage all your leads with custom defined products and services, you can organize your products by Line of Business and Locations.

Automated follow up with leads is one feature that will save you alot of time, using templates you can send automated follow up emails and sms to your unsold leads.

Sales Management

Sales Tracking by Location, Agent, Source and more, you can always saty on the top of your sales


Insuraxe Zone is an online cloud based system that comes with Unlimited documents uploads

Track your sales documents and manage them online from anywhere


Insuraxe Zone is a great tool to set Quotas and compare it to actual sales.

You can set quotas per agent, location, product or product by location, giving many ways toreach your targets and stay on top of your sales goals.


Insuraxe Zone is an integrated marketing and automated response system to help you close more sales and stay on top of your sales and leads

With built in templates system, you can create your own email templates and create reminders to be sent automatically to your unsold leads or to follow up on Sales in a day or 2 or whenever you would like, All automated!


SMS reminders are used to send automated reminders to your clients with Balance due, with every sales that have a blanace due, we will notify your client with SMS message to remind them with their upcoming payment to you!

Ensure all your clients are always informed about their balance and due payments. Additionally, you can have 2 way communication through SMS without the need to use personal employees cell phones, each sms will be shown in the customer's profile to see every interaction with the customer at all time and keep track of communication history all in one single platform.

Start using Insuraxe Zone today!, its the only Pay-As-You-Go system for insurance, no monthly and no minimums, just pay for what you use.

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