Wholesalers Benefit the Most!

We focus on connecting insurance people!

Wholesalers, now have the ability to cut costs, and increase sales. With Insuraxe Solutions you will have portals for agents to access the system, receive submissions, automate underwriting, send submissions for approvals, even process funds and distribute them between involved parties. All from a single, cloud based system







Cloud Portals

Insuraxe Solutions will provide your agents and brokers with portals to do all their tasks online, with instant underwriter communication through Online chat, submission, endorsments and online endorsments rating, issuance requests and more, your agents will be happy to submit business for the easy of use you provide them with.

Additionally, If you are an MGA and would like a portal for the carriers where they can run their own reports on the book of business, view premiums and commission statements sent to the MGA. Additionally claims management will be instant notification to underwriters and interested parties.


Providing an instant rating online for your agents is cruicial and very important in the last few years. We'll be able to provide this to you and your agent through our online rating engines colleciton of rule based or custom rates engines functionality.


Insuraxe Solutions, Inc provides InsuraxeGate™ an MGAs and Carriers state of art free of charge submission system, its free by Invistation only, if you know someone using it, you can ask them to send you an invitation, or you can Request invitation online.

InsuraxeGate™ is only a submission system without rating or other integrations, if you'd like a mmnore sophisticated solution and custom to your needs, we will be able to provide that to your company.


Policy issuance is one of most important systems you needs, it includes document generation, other systems notifications and more, depending on your type of business, we will build a customized online policy issuance solution to fit your exact needs.

Policy issuance can be linked to our Premium Billing where you can automate the billing process on a monthly basis or any other billing plans you'd like to provide to your insured clients.

Premium Billing

Premium billing is the key in insurance business. With our billing solution, you'll be able to virtually automate every aspect of the billing process, saving you 70-80% or your billing costs.

The system will be able to track all parts of the collected or uncollected premium or fees, distribute commission at the end of the month, and pay your carrier as well!, we track earned and unearned premiums, on a daily basis the system adjusts every record in the system to make sure every record is up to date and to provide instant reporting!

Renewals Management

With our custom renewal processed, you'll be able to automate the renewals issuance and quoting, we can auto rate and generate renewal offers, to be sent to insured or broker, depending on your needs or requirements.

Additionally, We can integrate renewal commission percentage on renewal business, where the system track renewed policies and distribute the commission according to the renewal percentage vs new business percentage, per broker or agent, and carrier!. its all about what you need, we will work with you, on every detail trying to get you to "almost" perfect system you've always been looking for.

Insuraxe Solutions, Inc provides insurance carriers and MGAs with a custom premium billing and reporting system. Premium Billing Features Include:
  • Multiple Billing Plans
  • Automated monthly charges with ACH or CC
  • Premium commission calculations
  • Commission Distribution using ACH
  • Commission Retaining
  • Insurance Bordereau Report