Our promise is to provide an outstanding workspace for Insurance Managed General Agents and Insurance Carriers to have all necessary tools to succeed in their mission and build awareness of such organization.

Our Services

We focus on building systems for Insurance organizations with all tools they need to build awareness through Integrated-Rating, Billing, SMS, Emails, Calls automation and scheduling.

Each of our systems is customizable to your business needs, as a starting point, you may choose any of the following systems and we will rebuild it your way.
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Insurance Management

Agencies, MGAs, Carriers

  • Insured History Logs
  • Premiums and Broker Fees Reporting
  • Locations Management
  • Commission Payments
  • Automated Contact
  • Automated Follow-Ups
  • Access Logs
  • Visit our InsuranceSalesTracking.com

MGA System

Surety and Submission System

  • Credit Reporting Integration
  • Custom Rating Engines
  • Rule Based Rating Engines
  • Merit Rate Management
  • Score Based Rating
  • Automated Retained/Nonretained Commission
  • Surety and Bonds Management
  • Binding Queues
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Register at Suretyx.com

Contact Management

Powerful Contact Management using all tools in one place

  • Documents Upload
  • Email, SMS and Calls History
  • Calls Records
  • Payments History
  • Contacts hash-tagging
  • Transactions
  • Access Logs
  • Rating Products
  • Register at Voiie.com

Payment Processing

Insuraxe Solutions is first of its kind to provide Pay/Donate-By-SMS

  • Build Donation/payment forms in less than a min
  • Provide your donors with SMS donation option
  • Automated Over-The-Phone donation processing
  • Multiple Payments Gateway
  • Transaction History
  • Visit RentAutPay.com for more integration details for Property Related industries or InsuranceSalesTracking if you are in a service related industry (Insurance, Law firms, clinic..etc)

Our Products

MGA Systems

  • Rating
    Instant Credit Profile, Custom and Rule based Rating
  • Brokers Management
    Insurance Lines Assignment, Commission Management, Binding Requests Management
  • Documents Management
    Documents Generation on Quoting, Submission or On Bond Issuance
  • Underwriting Decisions
    Automate or Auto-flag bindings according to your filings requirements
  • Integration with other Systems
    Payment Processing and ACH, States E-Filings, Credit Bureaus Integration
  • Register at CslbEFiling.com to start E-Filing your surety and license bonds with California State License Board (CSLB)

Insuraxe Marketing Systems

  • Interactive Incoming/Outgoing Calls Handling
    Mass Calls, Sequential Dialer, Reminders and more
  • SMS
    Automated SMS, Scheduled or Canned Response Messages
  • Insuraxe Forms
    Your integrated website leads and payments collection forms
  • Visit Voiie.com
    for more details
  • Visit InsuranceSalesTracking.com
    if you are an insurance agency/mga/carrier
  • Visit InsuranceLiveAgents.com
    if you are an insurance customer looking to find an agent
Availability, Security and Reliability

We have developed our system using top security methods in use from Encrypted Databases, extensive testing, EVSSL Certificate to our securely hosted servers with Azure Platform to maximize the availability and reliability to all our clients through auto-scaling.

We are confident that we HIPAA compliance. we keep a log of all and every action through out the system and monitor all database abnormalities.

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